Stockfeeds feature | Set and forget trace elements

Photo by Megan Fisher

Launched in Australia in 2023, the revolutionary and unique Cosecure Cattle Bolus is now available from Abbey Animal Health.

If trace element supplementation is prevalent in your geographical area, Cosecure is a great option for your dairy herd.

Cosecure Cattle Bolus is a unique, soluble glass trace element bolus for cattle, which delivers copper, cobalt and selenium to the animal at a controlled and constant rate for up to six months.

Cosecure Cattle Bolus contains a unique form of copper called ionic copper, which is active at the same pH as the rumen making it bioavailable for easier absorption.

The unique soluble glass of the bolus is designed to dissolve at a controlled rate, meaning there are no peaks or troughs in supplementation, and no residue as it completely dissolves.

With six months of coverage, important for the key calving period, the Cosecure Cattle Bolus is a cost effective and convenient solution for dairy cattle trace elements supplement programs.

The Cosecure Cattle Bolus is available exclusively from local independent rural stores.

For more information, contact your local Abbey Animal Health representative on their information line on (02) 8088 0720 or visit: