Stockfeeds feature | Improving cow productivity

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A dairy cow has two roles — to provide high-quality milk as a source of farm income, and to produce calves which will become future herd members.

Both are metabolically taxing, so it’s important that your cows get the most energy from their feed.

The beginning of lactation is energy-demanding, as peak milk yields are reached within the first six weeks.

Cows and heifers also need to recover from calving ready for joining.

Optimum nutritional management, through lead feeding in the three weeks before and three weeks after calving, is key to maintaining the body condition and energy reserves, which is associated with increased milk yield and reproductive success.

What is MYLO?

MYLO is an Australian-made, liquid probiotic containing three strains of Lactobacillus bacteria, shown to be beneficial to cow health and productivity.

It’s antibiotic-free, Certified Organic, and has no withholding periods.

It is also accredited by FAMI-QS, the globally recognised scheme that ensures feed supplement safety.

MYLO is given daily to cows through a mixer wagon or poured onto the ration. Pump systems can also administer MYLO onto the ration during milking.

How can MYLO help cow productivity?

The bacteria in MYLO improve digestion efficiencies, allowing cows to get more energy from the same amount of feed.

Terragen’s research has shown that cows supplemented with 10ml of MYLO/day:

  • Have increased milk yields (by up to 10.1 per cent).
  • Gain more liveweight during their lactation.
  • Mobilise more energy (in the form of liveweight) after calving.
  • Recover their liveweight more rapidly post-partum.

MYLO has been shown to reduce methane emissions in cows by up to 7.5 per cent, through more efficient digestion processes.

Terragen says using MYLO delivers a positive return on investment, through increased milk yields, with up to $600 annual benefit per cow net of MYLO costs (based on 10 per cent milk production increase at farm gate price of $8.50 per kg milk solids).

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