Petition opposes Cooba solar proposal

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State Member for Euroa Annabelle Cleeland has sponsored a petition about a solar plan.

Concerned residents of Colbinabbin have started an online petition calling on the Victorian Parliament to intervene in a proposed renewable energy plant south of the town.

The Cooba solar facility is being planned on a 600 hectare site in the Heathcote wine region.

The petition is sponsored by State Member for Euroa Annabelle Cleeland, and says the proposed location of the major renewable energy project was unsuitable due to its location on highly arable agricultural land.

As of Friday, May 31, there were 206 signatures on the petition.

“This isn’t NIMBY behaviour, these are groups of people who are concerned about what these massive developments will mean for their community,” Ms Cleeland said.

“This is prime agricultural land that is an important contributor to the local economy, and it will be significantly impacted by adding over 740,000 eight-foot solar panels to it.

“We cannot allow large corporations to swoop into our communities, dismiss the concerns of the people, then take all the benefits offshore, leaving locals with nothing.

“We know what can be achieved when we get the transition to renewables right, where communities are involved and benefit from the change,” Ms Cleeland said.

“The rapid expansion of renewables across regional Victoria is undeniable. But it’s crucial we prioritise listening to the impacted communities and ensuring a careful approach.”

The online petition will ultimately be presented to parliament.

It is now available to sign at: