More fox carcases dumped at Harston

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The most recent dumping occurred in a waterway on the Browns’ property.

A year after fox carcases were dumped on a Harston farm property, it’s happening again.

The landholder has been urging Agriculture Victoria and Environment Protection Authority Victoria to investigate the incidents, with limited success.

The foxes have all been scalped, indicating they were handled as part of the Victorian Government’s fox bounty scheme.

Scalps can be handed in at collection centres, including one at Tatura, to claim the $10 bounty.

Farmer Alan Brown found the latest carcase on May 24 and expressed his disgust at the discovery.

“The anti-social behaviour continues by the low life/s, to keep targeting our properties is a low act,” he said.

“These foxes are probably shot miles away (as we seldom see one on our properties), scalped and then dumped on our property.

“This behaviour gives fox shooters that are doing the right thing a bad name.”

Agriculture Victoria has told Alan and Nerida Brown that shooters claiming bounties through Tatura and other collection centres have been reminded of their obligations with the bounty terms and conditions, which includes the handling and disposing of the carcases.

However, the Browns are seeking a further investigation that could identify the offender and put a stop to the dumping.

Mrs Brown told Country News she was disappointed the EPA has not made contact and did not want to further investigate the incidents.

The EPA is the authority obliged to investigate offences under the Environment Protection Act. The EPA is responsible for enforcing relevant laws where waste dumping creates potential to impact human health and the environment.

The Browns have been warned that if the EPA became involved the authority might simply use its powers over landholders to insist the mess be cleaned up.

However, the Browns have promptly acted to remove the carcases each time they have been discovered because of the potential biosecurity hazard to farm animals.

Landholders have reported a car driving in the area without lights on the most recent night the carcases were dumped.

Foxes dumped at the Harston property last year.