Leadership candidates sought

By Dairy News

THE GARDINER Foundation is offering eight fully funded places for the 2020 Victorian Regional Community Leadership Program (VRCLP).

The program offers recipients an opportunity to strengthen leadership skills and make a positive difference in both local communities and the wider dairy industry.

Gardiner Dairy Foundation CEO Dr Clive Nobel said the program provides access to professional development training based and focused on regional and local communities.

“Through the VRCLP program we have seen recipients start community projects that grow beyond the program itself. They are better equipped to take on responsibilities on industry and community committees and to contribute positively in their workplaces,” Dr Noble said.

“I’d strongly encourage individuals wanting to contribute to a strong Australian dairy industry to apply for a place on one of these programs and take advantage of the great opportunities they offer,” he said.

Regions covered include south-west Victoria (Leadership Great South Coast), Gippsland (Gippsland Community Leadership), north-west and central Victoria (Loddon Murray Community Leadership) and northern Victoria (Fairley Leadership).

VRCLP CEO, Katrina Baddeley said the experience has changed the life and career trajectory of previous participants and the partnership has supported more than 70 participants.

Application opening and closing dates are outlined below:

Leadership Great South Coast (LGSC) open until 11 October 2019 — visit

The 2018 LGSC program allowed participant Peter Gaffy to grow and develop, both personally and professionally.

“I have gained an even greater understanding of the region that I live and work in, and I’ve met some fantastic people and developed a really strong community network. Most importantly, the program has really shown me that you don’t need to be at the top of an organisation to demonstrate leadership. Great leaders have the ability to influence and motivate outcomes at any level,” Peter said.

Gippsland Community Leadership Program (GCLP) check for details.

Sallie Jones’ life was ‘already at capacity’ when she applied.

“It was an incredible opportunity to gain an enhanced understanding of the history, opportunities and challenges facing the Gippsland region,” Sallie said.

She learnt to understand and enhance her leadership style of influencing employees and community volunteers to step up to the plate, whatever their skills.

Loddon Murray Community Leadership Program (LMCLP) open until 30 September 2019 — visit

Emma Dotollo is working on a dairy farm at Calivil in the Loddon Shire.

She said the program was a great opportunity for reaching out and helping people in need.

“The community project I am investigating involves re-establishing an old gymnasium in Pyramid Hill where I would encourage the local youth to be more aware of their health rather than partying and getting involved in drugs and alcohol,” Emma said.

Fairley Leadership (Goulburn Murray) open until October 25 — visit the Fairley Leadership website.

Former Northern Victorian farm manager, Ashley Gabler, joined the 2018 Fairley Leadership program.

She said it has helped her become a better ambassador and future leader in dairying and agricultural sectors especially across the Goulburn Valley.

“The recurring theme I’m sensing is, good leadership takes team work and a good leader has a great team behind them with various skill sets to draw on,” Ashley said.

For more information visit the Gardiner Foundation website or email or