Silvan unveils new sprayers

The Silvan 200-litre trailed sprayer.

Spraying specialist Silvan has unveiled two new 200-litre trailed sprayers.

The first is a comprehensive spraying unit, which includes a Lightfoot 200-litre tank, 30-metre-long reel and hose fitted to a Spotjet spray gun and stainless steel lance, new general purpose (GP) spray boom and electric 12-volt pump all mounted on a robust trailer.

Designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use, the sprayer comes fully assembled and factory tested, ensuring hassle-free integration into existing farming applications.

Its versatile design allows for immediate attachment to side-by-side vehicles, ATVs, or utilities, making it a valuable asset for a wide range of agricultural applications.

Standout features include a Smoothflo pump, capable of providing an impressive open flow of seven litres a minute at a maximum pressure of 827kPa (120psi).

Unlike traditional pumps, this high-pressure constant flow pump produces a smooth and pulsation-free operation, contributing to consistent and accurate spraying.

The new GP spray boom boasts independent nozzle operation capability, a feature tailored for precision tasks such as fence line treatments or spray widths of up to seven metres. This functionality ensures uniform coverage while minimising waste.

The second, 200-litre, trailed sprayer is a Lightfoot, hi-flow 12-volt unit, featuring an advanced four-metre wide, cross-fold boom.

The boom offers a four-metre spray width along with a break-back device that safeguards it when encountering obstructions.

This state-of-the-art sprayer comes fully assembled, primed for immediate use, offering efficiency and convenience to farmers and landscape professionals.

A highlight is the Varijet spray gun, a testament to Silvan’s commitment to precision spraying, which can transition from a focused stream to a diffuse conical mist through a simple barrel rotation

The package includes a 30-metre-long hose on an Eco reel, ensuring ample reach and easy handling.

The sprayer also boasts an adjustable pressure regulator and a glycerine-filled gauge, empowering users with precise control over pressure and flow for both the spray gun and boom.

Its adaptability shines as it proves ideal for roadside or targeted spraying, whether from trailers, ATVs, utility vehicles, or side-by-sides, covering distances of up to 10 metres.

For more information call, 1300 745 826 or email for technical specifications and product details.

The new Silvan 200-litre trailed sprayers have optional booms.