Leadership change loses vote

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UDV president Paul Mumford. Photo by Geoff Adams

An attempt to reduce the representation of northern Victoria in a United Dairyfarmers of Victoria governance body has been rejected by the UDV membership.

One of the resolutions put up to the UDV conference in April called for a reduction in the number of policy councillors in northern Victoria, from four to three.

There are three policy councillors representing each of the other two main dairying areas, in Gippsland and western Victoria.

Historically the north has produced more milk than the other regions, but in recent years the north has fallen behind.

The western Victorian Corangamite branch moved to reduce the number of councillors from the north, but the motion was lost when put to the vote.

Speakers against the motion argued that the north was larger and more diverse than the other two regions, requiring representation from the varied parts of the industry.

A proposed resolution submitted by Corangamite branch to brand people or organisations invading farms as “domestic terrorists” was lost when put to the vote.

Other issues raised in resolutions carried at the annual meeting included:

  • The VFF to ask regional road managers to work with landowners where vegetation is causing a dangerous environment for both landowners and road users.
  • The UDV conduct a membership audit in spring to ensure members are not lost when they transfer to a new processor.
  • The Australian Dairy Farmers be asked to release the state president’s report and the Ernst and Young consulting report on the dairy industry restructure.