Club pastors to bring wellbeing support to The Den

All together: Jack Murphy (senior assistant coach), Daniel Sanders (Central Church senior minister), Ben Davey (senior coach) and Nick Dundon (reserves coach)

To be at your best on the field, you have to be at your best off it.

The Seymour Football Netball Club is boosting wellbeing support across the club following the announcement of a partnership with Central Church.

Current senior ministers Daniel and Fiona Sanders are strong supporters of the Seymour Lions and are eager to provide off-field wellbeing support to the club’s players, members and supporters.

Central Church is a contemporary church, with services held at the VRI Hall on Railway Place at 10am every Sunday.

The church has also expanded into Kilmore, with a 4pm Sunday service now part of the offering.

Seymour Lions president Gerard O’Sullivan welcomed the opportunity to provide extra support to the club.

“The football club is one of the key meeting places in our town, and across the past few years, we’ve been through some challenging times in our community,” O’Sullivan said.

“Daniel and Fiona have been great supporters of our club over that time and have provided a compassionate ear and voice for many of our members.

“While our club is a fantastic place to be, we know sometimes people have a lot on their plate. To be able to support our players off field and our members through this partnership is a great step forward for us.

“Regardless of the religious beliefs of our individual members, we’re pleased Daniel and Fiona will be on hand to provide caring support and guidance when it’s needed.”

Pastor Daniel Sanders welcomed the partnership with the club and highlighted the importance of player and supporter welfare.

“Central Church is delighted to be involved with the Seymour Lions and continue to grow our connection with the Seymour community,” he said.

“Everything we do is about community, connection and acceptance, and I’m looking forward to working closely with members of the club.

“The partnership between Central Church and the Lions will support the holistic development of club members and ensure wellbeing support is available as needed.”