Straw blower keeps it simple

The KUHN Primor 5570 M Straw Blower is optimised for feeding out long-fibre fodder. Photo by KUHN

A straw blower is the ideal machine for any operator looking to evenly distribute straw for ration feeding or bedding.

Over at KUHN they’re talking a big game when it comes to their Primor 5570 M Straw Blower.

“The versatility of KUHN’s Primor 5570 M is what makes it an attractive investment for livestock producers,” a KUHN spokesperson said.

“Whether it’s ration feeding or distributing straw bedding, the distribution of long-fibre fodder is no longer a chore.

“This well-built machine is the perfect addition for any livestock producer looking to optimise their production.”

The KUHN Primor 5570 M has a ‘shower’ distribution concept which gives it the ability to disperse even qualities of straw.

In addition to straw the machine can feed out silage, has a mixing hopper and an all-fodder type feed rotor.

With a hydraulic tailgate and conveyor controls, the Primor 5570 M allows operators to load round bales easily — the tailgate sits flush to the conveyor facilitating the loading of bales with no need for an external loader.

All operations can be conducted from the comfort of the tractor cab with an electronic control panel that has the ability to change the direction of the chute and adjust the chute cap.

The Primor 5570 M can carry three round bales at one time and a 1.4m bale can be distributed in less than three minutes, increasing efficiency for all who use it.

To ensure longevity of the machine, the Primor 5570 M has been designed for simple maintenance, according to KUHN.

To keep the conveyor belt clean, the belt is fitted with an integrated evacuation hatch, making sure there is no more build-up of straw at the bottom on the belt.

KUHN said the new and improved straw blower would increase the efficiency for any livestock producer looking to optimise their operation.

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