Splitters made for Aussie wood

Power Hound has been making and designing innovative attachments for 15 years.

Australia-made and designed Power Hound wood splitters are ideal for Aussie conditions and can be used with a range of machinery, including excavators.

Power Hound managing director Steve Thwaites said because the log splitters were designed to be operated from the seat of various machines they were safer and easier to manage as there was no lifting of heavy logs or wood.

“They are designed and made by us for hard Australian wood — not the soft wood we see on videos from overseas,” Steve said.

“The advantages of operating from the seat of your machine include saving time and money, and your back, as you can also use the splitter as a grab, lifting a tree or branch off the ground or fence then cutting it to the right size to fit your fireplace.”

He said the wood splitter had a 54cm stroke, which was a common size for most wood heaters, and the hydraulic cylinder ram’s 40-tonne capacity meant it could split all Australian hard woods with ease.

The splitter comes with 1.8m hydraulic hoses and quick-release couplings.

“We custom make the hitch to fit your excavator and also make a universal skid steer hitch which fits most skid steers sold in Australia,” Steve said.

“The beauty of the Power Hound splitter design is you can comfortably break down a one metre-wide tree, which normally you could not get on a traditional splitter.

"With our splitter you simply place it over the log roll and keep splitting until you break down the log.“

He said Power Hound also manufactured a wood splitter that was a combination of a traditional style splitter but was powered by a tractor.

"It couples to your 3PL and hydraulics, with a control valve at the splitter. You back up to your tree and start splitting.“

He said Power Hound also had a range of heavy duty Australian designed and made tree pullers, fork attachments and hydraulic grabs for excavators (1.7 tonne to 8 tonne) and tractors and skid steers.

A new range of excavator thumbs will be released shortly, designed for the 1.7 tonne to 6 tonne machine, which will help excavator operators to pick up rocks and logs using the thumb with their bucket.

“Power Hound Australia has been manufacturing quality Australian attachments for 15 years,” Steve said.

“We concentrate on a select, small range of specialist innovative attachments that no-one else in the country manufactures.”