Productive and profitable season

Photo by Lauren Murphy

Murray Dairy regional manager Lachlan Barnes said the Dairy Farm Monitor Project showed the 2022-23 season was a “very productive and profitable season” for northern Victorian dairy farmers.

“The farms analysed represent a good cross section of varying size, farming system and climate experienced across the northern Victorian dairy area,” Mr Barnes said.

He said the sample farms included many businesses significantly impacted by high input costs, rising interest rates and major flooding during the analysis period.

“A record milk price and good irrigation prices for many meant they were not only buffered from the headline-grabbing challenges but were able to prosper.

“This comes on top of a run of good seasons in the northern Victorian DFMP data set, allowing investment and consolidation to occur on-farm which could be critical given predictions of building climatic, market and cost pressures in the coming 12 months.”

Northern Victorian dairy farmers can learn more about the Dairy Farm Monitor Project, Situation & Outlook and attend the 2023 Milk Quality Awards, by registering via the following links:

  • Echuca on November 15:
  • Shepparton on November 16: