Farm analysis in a snapshot

Keep a close eye on your business with the Farm Business Snapshot. Photo by Geoff Adams

The Farm Business Snapshot provides an analysis of the historical performance of a dairy farm business, helping users to better understand their production costs and overall profitability.

The reports will provide additional information to support the decision-making process and enable farmers to take actions in their business that best suit their needs.

This will show the overall cash and profit position of your business and enable you to assess these as a measure of efficiency against the key inputs.

Benchmarking your own farm year-on-year is the best way to review your business.

This enables you to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your business and identify opportunities to increase profit and manage risk.

Comparing against regional benchmarks can assist with assessing your business performance, but consideration must be given to the difference in resources available to every farm.

The snapshot provides a tool to help farmers review their historical performance.

It provides consistent, quality data to help farmers look at their operating cash surplus, cost of production and EBIT.

The data can be entered quickly and provides a good overview of farm performance to assist farmers when planning for the future.

Getting started

The Farm Business Snapshot is accessible by registering through Dairy Australia’s online platform.

It is preferable that when registering you use an email address that is already used by Dairy Australia for communicating with you.

For more information, phone Russell Holman at Murray Dairy on 0438 921 904 or visit:

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