Confidence keeps building

Photo by Cath Grey

The dairy industry continues to build confidence, with water storages full and timely rainfall throughout autumn resulting in excellent seasonal conditions across the region.

The region has been in the spotlight when it comes to showcasing local farming operations, practices and research projects, with recent events hosted by Murray Dairy and Dairy Australia.

First was Dairy Australia’s Raising the Roof event at Echuca on May 10 and 11. An enthusiastic crowd of farmers descended from across Australia to take up the opportunity to hear first-hand the way farmers have shaped their farming systems in the Murray region.

Fellow Murray Dairy board member Tom Acocks was one of several presenters to share details around his farming operation at Rochester. All farms visited were fantastic, with farmers openly sharing their thoughts on all stages of feeding operations — from planning through to ensuring you have a solid feedbase of both quality and quantity, prior to considering development.

On May 18 and 19, Murray Dairy held its flagship event — the Murray Muster — at Yarrawonga. The theme this year, Focus on Feedbase, highlighted the importance of quality forage production.

It was fantastic to hear an update on Murray Dairy’s Fodder for the Future research project, with a video taking event attendees through the year one results update. The detailed video explained the cross-sector work being done by the grains and dairy industries to investigate methods to help communities within the southern Murray-Darling Basin adapt to a water-limited future

A particular highlight was the farmer panel, which covered a range of aspects from growing, to timely and effective harvesting to minimise feed wastage. Discussions centred around maximising fodder, which included beneficial examples of building long-term relationships with crop growers.

The event showcased a number of experienced speakers, including agricultural sustainability advocate Dr Anika Molesworth, food and nutrition scientist Dr Anneline Padayachee and independent management specialist Dr Nollaig Heffernan.

It was an opportunity for the local dairying community to join together and network, share ideas and hear from a number of skilled experts.

Attendees also had the opportunity to link into Alice and Justin Colclough’s Focus Farm open day at Talangatta South.

Congratulations to the hard work of the Murray Dairy team to deliver this industry event. (Read more about the event in the following pages.)

In other news, Murray Dairy is looking to recruit a specialist skills director position with a further option to recruit a second specialist skills director in a co-opted position, with both positions set to commence in October.

Applications close July 5, with recruitment overseen by an independent selection committee. Further details can be found on the Murray Dairy website:

Andrew Tyler

Murray Dairy chair