Conference to focus on the future of cattle breeding

Genetics Australia CEO Anthony Shelly.

A conference in Geelong on March 18 and 19 will showcase new research and ideas that will shape the future of cattle breeding in Australia.

The GA 2024 Today, Tomorrow and Beyond conference hosted by Genetics Australia will feature local and international speakers, farmers and dairy and beef industry leaders.

It will be the first in-person industry-wide conference hosted by Genetics Australia after an earlier conference planned for 2020 was moved online due to the pandemic.

Genetics Australia CEO Anthony Shelly said the conference aimed to inspire the current and next generation of farmers to use genetics and other cutting-edge technologies to advance their operations.

“We wanted a platform to bring together people in the dairy and beef industries to learn how new research and ideas can improve their businesses and help create more sustainable and profitable farming systems,” Mr Shelly said.

The program will cover beef industry insights and strategies, the advantages and disadvantages of the MOET and IVP IVF systems, reduced emission feeding strategies, using semen donors and sexed semen to maximise joining outcomes, unlocking international opportunities with the World Angus Evaluation, the return on investment from 40 years of genetic improvement, the next genetic frontiers, the role of genetic improvement in creating greater integration between dairy and beef industries, the importance of estrus intensity and how IVF can be used for herd development.

Findings from Australian research into breeding healthier cows will be presented by project specialist at DataGene and PhD candidate at LaTrobe University, Michelle Axford.

Agriculture Victoria Breeding for Sustainability and Resilience research director Jennye Price will lead a panel discussion on breeding for sustainability and resilience.

There will also be farmer panels on robotic milking, making measurable differences, and sustainable farming practices.

Mr Shelly said the conference would be a good opportunity for farmers and industry representatives to get a glimpse into the future.

“Farming is evolving at a fast pace and keeping up-to-date with new and emerging technologies is essential for achieving the best outcomes,” he said.

It is intended to hold the conference biennially.

The conference will be at GMHBA Stadium 370 Moorabool St, South Geelong.

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