Bulla lifts new season price

Bulla Dairy’s Rohan Davies has announced increased farm gate milk prices for 2022-23.

Bulla is the latest dairy processor to announce a significant step-up in pricing for the 2022-23 season.

Bulla Dairy’s Rohan Davies said the majority of its suppliers would receive between $8.70 and $8.90/kg of milk solids.

“We’ve seen dairy prices lift substantially in recent years, in particular this year in a competitive milk market, and we’re happy that dairy farmers around Australia will see the benefit of the current market conditions in their own respective businesses,” Mr Davies said.

“The past 12 months has presented a range of challenges with local and global supply chain disruptions, rising input costs and other COVID-related impacts, however, Bulla’s market share and business performance continues to be strong.

“In addition to having a solid finish to the current year, we are now able to build on this position with the new, updated F23 season pricing to provide a large lift in farm gate value.

“As a 110-year-old family owned dairy processor, we understand the importance of a sustainable dairy industry and a dependable supply, and a strong return for the hard work of dairy farmers is vital to this.

“And so we feel proud to be able to pay forward our own growth and performance with existing and new dairy supply partners this year.”

Mr Davies said Bulla was also offering existing suppliers an increase of $0.05/kg MS in the closing milk price for the 2021-22 season, to be paid retrospectively on milk supplied to Bulla from July 1, 2021.