Westcoast Perseus ranked number one BPI proven sire

By Dairy News Australia

Westcoast Perseus has been named the new number one BPI Proven sire in the latest Australian Breeding Value results.

Perseus August's evaluation combines Interbull proof data from milking daughters in the United States, Italy, UK and Ireland as well as his first 29 daughters in five herds in Australia.

Semex Australia and New Zealand general manager David Mayo said it was an outstanding result.

“We have worked extremely hard to identify sires that meet the Australian BPI market,” Mr Mayo said.

“Westcoast Perseus has been a very popular sire since his release, consistently ranking at the top for BPIg, and for his first milking daughters to confirm this is an outstanding result.”

Dixie Park Dairying's Matt Glennen is milking 22 first-lactation Perseus daughters and praises their consistent breeding pattern and trouble free-nature.

“They are extremely good commercial cows, all keen to milk and feed,” Mr Glennen said.

“They are a very consistent group, all having good udders and their production is towards the top of the herd.”

Holding the number one position at +451 BPI, Perseus posted a 218 ASI, 308 L Milk, 29 kg of Protein at 0.39% and 27 kg of fat at 0.20% Fat.

Trevor Parrish of Illawambra Holsteins who milks 11 Perseus daughters said he's been pleased with their output.

“A pleasure to milk. They are moderate-sized heifers with great udders and nice teat length,” Mr Parrish said.

Perseus’ dam, View-Home Drman Wsconsin VG-88-3YR-CAN, was an exceptionally uddered young cow according to Semex Australia that moved easily on correct feet and legs, displaying great balance and the ideal amount of size and stature.

The next dam was a VG-87 Robust, then a VG-87 Zenith and then brood cow Pine-Tree Martha Sheen VG-86.

Perseus scored 108 Mammary System, 108 Udder Depth, 109 Centre Ligament and 105 Rear Udder Height while also producing cows that perform well on health and fertility traits as well.

He ranked a 113 Daughter Fertility, his survival rating of 109 and low Somatic Cell Score of 190.

Wes Hurrell of Rockwella Farm Holsteins loves his five milking Perseus daughters.

“We are very happy with their production, especially components,” Mr Hurrell said.

“Their type is very good with udders that have the ideal teat length, a shallow and excellent ligament and rear udder height.

“All have good capacity and very good feet and legs.”

Perseus is one of the breed’s leaders for Calving Ease at 106 and a low Stature bull at 99, with the addition of being A2A2 and available sexed.

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