Things are looking good in Gippsland

By Dairy News Australia

The grass is growing in Gippsland.

Despite everything else going on in the world, it is a good time to be a dairy farmer in Gippsland.

Milk production is well up on last year thanks to a more favourable season and improved prices in milk and commodities.

We have seen rainfall across all regions of Gippsland, including scattered flooding in East Gippsland.

It is excellent to see the dams and rivers full heading into spring, and hopefully these favourable conditions continue.

Most farmers are about to become extremely busy, finishing calving and onto silage and spring management.

I encourage you to take the time you have and step back from the business to think about the big picture.

What have you achieved the previous year and what would you like to achieve going forward?

If the settings are right on your farm, this could be a good year to bank some savings or invest in the business.

It’s important to think long-term in business, in order to know what we are working for and help guide our daily decisions.

The newly launched Dairy Australia program, Our Farm — Our Plan is a great opportunity to help guide you in this process.

The program aims to take you and your business partners through the steps to get your ideas out of your head and onto a page.

GippsDairy is currently taking expressions of interest for the program, run online and in person depending on your preference.

This year take the challenge to keep up the efficiency that we found in the tougher years, while remembering to appreciate and take advantage of the positives of farming in Gippsland.

Grant Williams, GippsDairy chair