Higher yielding multi-graze rape

By Dairy News

Forage brassicas are ideal crops for producing an abundance of high-quality feed for finishing lambs to target weights over late spring and summer. ]

But trial work has shown that not all forage brassicas are created equal with many varieties not living up to expectations.

Pillar forage brassica from Cropmark Seeds is high yielding, palatable and produces high quality forage; supporting high animal performance and live weight gain potential.

This means more lambs per hectare turned off quicker than other types.

Pillar Forage Brassica is a leafy, giant type that can be grazed multiple time in the right conditions.

While high yielding and high quality, Pillar is able to handle tough conditions once established; making it a versatile crop for finishing lambs when other pastures are losing quality and dry matter yield.

Pillar Forage brassica can be established in autumn or late winter/early spring depending on your feed requirements and environment.

Establish Pillar when soil temperatures are consistently above 12 degrees Celsius into a free draining paddock that has been sprayed out and cultivated to promote rapid establishment.

Sow Pillar at a rate of 3 to 4 Kg/hectare at 10mm depth.

Once the crop has reached maturity in 10 to 12 weeks, animals can be transitioned onto the crop.

For best Dry Matter yield results rotational grazing is recommended, but many crops are successfully set stocked with lambs achieving live weight gains of 170 to 300 grams per head per day.

Late winter to spring sowings are an ideal preparation for next autumn’s pasture renovation program with a wide variety of in-crop weed control options available.

Pillar Forage Brassica can be used over many different farming areas.

Crops have successfully been used from cereal cropping zones to high rainfall regions.

Pillar can yield up to 12 tonnes of quality Dry Matter per hectare under good growing conditions and rotational grazing management, with up to 4 to 5 grazings.

In lower rainfall regions with lower yields, Pillar Forage Brassica will still produce a high-quality crop that is a cost-effective alternative to poor quality summer pastures.

If you need high quality feed to finish lambs fast, Pillar Forage Brassica could be the crop you. 

Contact your local Cropmark Seeds representative to discuss your spring summer and autumn feed requirements.

Specific advice is recommended to ensure correct suitability and grazing management so you get the best results on your farm.

For further information, please visit: cropmarkseeds.com/Forage-Products-from-Cropmark-Seeds/Pillar-forage-rape

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