Back to defend her title

By Rodney Woods

THE COW that took out Grand Champion Ayrshire Exhibit at the 2018 International Dairy Week will return in 2019 to try to repeat her success.

Waaia’s James Dillon will take four cows, one of which he owns in partnership with South Australian Shaun Beard, and will show in four different classes.

“I have one in the under 18 months, one in the under six months and a senior three- and four-year-old cow,” Mr Dillon said.

One of those cows, Parkville Burdette Katie, was hardly known this time last year but after being awarded grand champion at the 2018 IDW, this time around will be very different.

“It would be nice (to win again) but it’s not expected,” Mr Dillon said.

“We weren’t expecting it last year either. I’m taking the same cow back but the winner from the year before is back and is looking really good.

“You never know who’s there or what’s there. Only one exhibitor knew my cow last year. I still didn’t think she’d win, especially everything.

“That could happen again.”

Despite admitting to not being as meticulous as some when it comes to preparation, Mr Dillon said showing was more of a hobby for him.

“Dairy week is the only show I do,” he said.

“It’s just a hobby for me. It’s a good time to meet up with friends you only see once a year.

“I enjoy showing. I got into them (Ayrshire breed) because I wanted to get back into showing.

“I started with crossbreds and then bought some purebreds.

“I enjoyed showing as a kid growing up and I like breeding good cows and I like comparing cows with others and showing is the easiest way to do it.”

When asked whether he could back-up the results his cows recorded last season, Mr Dillon was hopeful for a placing.