Genetics and focus on fertility help strengthen Leongatha South farm

By Dairy News Australia

A focus on fertility has helped drive success on the Moscript family's Gippsland farm.

Callum Moscript, who farms just outside Leongatha South, says in his seasonal calving herd, cows that do not get pregnant cannot stay in the herd.

“Fertility is really important, but to improve it, it can be hard to know where to begin,” he said.

“We have had terrible issues having to cull young calves recently.

“We found the genetics we're focused on has meant that they've been producing a lot of milk. But just not getting pregnant in our system.”

Mr Moscript shares the fertility journey of his and his parents’ farm in a new video produced by Dairy Australia.

The family milks about 300 cows and calves from August until October.

“Fertility is important for us because we are seasonal,” Mr Moscript said.

“And we've identified that if cows don't get pregnant, they don't stay (on-farm) now.

“We really need to be able to get cows pregnant as fast as possible.

“By doing that we're not buying in dollars worth of cereal or one extra supplement or dried grass.

“It's a key ingredient to making our cost of production a lot lower and making our farm a lot more viable, long term.”

He has achieved this through concentrating on a combination of fertility and production in his genetics program.

Mr Moscript started working on the family farm in 2018 and said it had produced some challenges.

“Being able to come home and work with Dad has been challenging sometimes, but it's been really rewarding as well.

“I've been exposed to many different kinds of business, including non agricultural.

“I just see the opportunity for asset growth and wealth creation, like no other industry.

“Our farm goal has always been to drive genetic progress.

“I'd say we had a focus on production and testing. And then the last five years was more focused on fertility, good production, whilst maintaining an element of functional top.”

For those looking to re-examine their priorities, Mr Moscript said it can be difficult to know where to begin.

“If I had any advice for any other farmers it would be simply to just focus on yourself, not worry what your neighbour is doing.

“Work with people you trust, and come up with a program that best suits what your goals are.”

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