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Innovative baler set to forge new ground

By Dairy News

HAY SEASON is a busy time for farmers and contractors.

There is no time for unreliable equipment or misshapen bales.

And that’s where farm machinery company Kuhn comes in.

Its quest to produce a top quality, densely packed and perfectly shaped bale, across all crop conditions has led to the development of the next generation of balers and the new KUHN LSB 1290 iD large square baler; a baler with innovative features designed to boost efficiency, improve overall bale quality and ultimately increase profitability.

Marketing manager and baler product specialist Michael Murer said the KUHN LSB 1290 created perfect high-density bales that needed less handling, used less twine and ultimately reduced transport costs and storage space.

“First and foremost is the LSB 1290 iD double plunger design, developed and patented by KUHN, which produces bales 25 per cent denser than those from conventional machines,” Michael said.

“The special TWINPACT plunger is a patented system and a revolutionary development that creates 60 tons of even pressure across the entire bale, creating 25 per cent more density than competitor balers.”

Achieving extra density requires twice the force exerted by a conventional plunger and to counter this, the TWINPACT plunger is divided into two parts compressing the bale in two steps, without creating extreme forces on the machine.

Avoiding massive peak loads means there is no greater power requirement.

“Put simply, we can achieve high density without more horsepower to reduce running costs and deliver environmental savings too,” Michael said.

He said the machine’s main intake function was another key feature that set the machine apart from its competitors.

“Our integral rotor is a simple, maintenance-free intake system that ensures even feeding, regardless of crop conditions.

“The short distance between rotor and pick-up yields an outstanding crop flow and it also makes possible higher forward speeds for outstanding productivity.”

The cutting version, OmniCut, has 23 knives with individual hydraulic protection to ensure perfect cutting quality regardless of working speed and crop. Operators can easily select the various knife group configurations using just two levers.

Rob Addinsal from Victoria runs an Angus beef farm in addition to his hay contracting business and has been using the LSB 1290 iD for the past 12 months.

“It’s easy to operate and cheap to run. It’s increased our profitability because it’s just more efficient. It puts more hay in a bale, there’s less cartage and less time when the bale is out on the field,” Rob said.

Rob said the backup service offered by Kuhn is why he is a returning customer.

“They’ve been out in the paddock with me at 5 am. It’s the level of service that keeps me coming back.”

Kuhn prides in innovation believes the KUHN LSB 1290 will forge new ground in Australia.

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