Machinery & Products

Try-outs at Elmore

By Simone Dunne

A chance for farmers to see machinery in action was the point of a cropping and tillage day held at the Elmore Field Days site on March 13.

Elmore Field Days committee member Andrew Holmberg said the day was beneficial for manufacturers and buyers.

“We are here today to allow the machinery companies and manufacturers to be able to show their equipment in real life situations, so prospective buyers can see it that way,” he said.

“You can have the brochures or obviously the internet is a big source of information nowadays, but to actually see it in real life is always beneficial.”

Mr Holmberg said it was pleasing to see so many exhibitors be a part of the day, especially in a dry season.

“You don’t always have perfect conditions to operate in and I think it’s always good that manufacturers want to operate their equipment in the tougher years,” he said.

“Generally it will show (that) if they do a good job in tough conditions, they will do an exceptional job when we have moisture as well.”