Speedtiller gives fuel for thought when sowing

FOLLOWING THE devastating fires over summer and a long period of drought many dairy farmers are now working towards pasture improvement or establishment, which starts with better soil health and structure.

Not often can you buy the one machine that serves so many purposes but The Speedtiller, by K-Line Ag, is your answer to chemical resistant weeds, incorporation of organic matter and soil improvement and seedbed preparation for pastures.

Since its launch, the Speedtiller has enjoyed a strong reputation among tillage equipment buyers for its durability and quality of design — it is a high-performing dual-purpose disc-tilling machine.

“It’s a great machine,” Mildura farmer Thomas Marciano said.

“It’s cut my costs down.

“Usually to work up my property it costs me about $25 000 on diesel, where it’s brought it back to probably say $2 000.

“Time saving, where I’d need a worker to sit on two tractors to rip it all up I can go and do it on my own, one hour I can do, say 30 acres; dry ground, hard ground, doesn’t seem to be a problem for it.

“It just seems to bite in and do its job, you know …very easy to work, maintenance free, at the end of the day it’s what you want.”

The team at K-Line work closely with farmers to develop machines that have options to suit the needs of all farming situations.

Operating widths are available from 1.75 m to 15.5 m across and machines are available in 3 Point Linkage, Universal and Trailing configurations, with the 3 Point Linkage option being ideal for dairy farmers.

For more information, call K-Line directly on 1800 194 131, visit www.k-line.net.au or visit your local K-Line dealer.