One-man job with Anderson bale wrapper

ANDERSON WRAPPERS can be ordered with full-automatic features which means it only requires one operator to load and control the wrapping process.

Units can be ordered with the following features:

  • remote stop / start / steer without leaving the tractor;
  • big 25 litre fuel tank which means a lot less refuelling;
  • film watch on every stretcher, so the operation stops as soon as plastic runs out;
  • working lights for night work;
  • patented final bale extractor system which is unique to the Anderson range;
  • options of wrapping single round bales up to double stacked big square bales; and
  • up to 50 per cent savings on plastic usage.

Anderson Group has manufactured agricultural equipment since 1988 and manufacture an extensive range of products that fit well with modern farming practices.

The group is now the number one inline wrapper manufacturer in North America and is excited about its future in Australia.

For more than 30 years the Anderson Group has grown to now employ 120 people at its state-of-the art manufacturing plant in Quebec, Canada and exports Anderson products to nearly 30 countries worldwide.

Anderson Group is focused on innovation and improvement and heavily invest in its people and employ the latest technologies throughout its business; and the sales growth and loyal customers are testament to its mindset.

Anderson products are distributed in Australia by the Burder Group in Wangaratta.

Bertolis in Shepparton and now in Benalla and Albury also offer Anderson products.