New features and durability

Case IH launched its new RB6 Pro Series round baler at AgQuip in August.

There’s a new addition to Case IH’s popular baler range, with the RB6 HD Pro Series round baler joining the line-up, offering a range of new features aimed at boosting durability, productivity and performance.

Launched at AgQuip in August, this all-new variable chamber round baler produces bales up to 165cm or 190cm depending on the model — both larger than the equivalent sizes able to be produced by the current RB5 Series models — with either size baler available as a rotor feed or a 25-knife rotor cut version.

“As well as larger bales, the RB6 HD Pro Series has been designed for high frequency use, offering increased durability and heavier components to suit those customers who produce a high annual bale count like contractors and larger hay producers,” Case IH Australia/New Zealand product specialist Andrew Wood said.

“It’s actually about a tonne heavier than its current RB5 series sibling and is basically a completely new baler.”

There’s a new “from the ground up” driveline with a heavy-duty T-type gearbox that delivers power to both sides of the baler, reducing complexity and transmitting power more evenly for better balance and smoother operation. A larger 520mm rotor also helps increase the baler’s overall capacity.

“The four belts used by the RB6 HD Pro series balers are deflected only 10 times as they rotate through the machine, reducing belt stress and increasing their service life, with most of the bale weight carried on the floor roller to aid in extending the life of the belts,” Andrew said.

A new feature is the active drop floor which automatically moves to allow heavy crop flow to pass and avoid plugging. This movement is also constantly monitored so the operator can be alerted when excessive floor movement is being detected.

“This new round baler offers some of the best features we have come to know and love on the RB5 Series, combined with a raft of new features to appeal to a range of farming and contracting businesses looking for that next level machine,” Andrew said.

“It’s got the durability and versatility for a variety of crop types and conditions, baling even the heaviest crop with remarkable speed and efficiency, and with an emphasis on ease of operation and maintenance.”