GEA unveils new robotic milking system

The GEA DairyRobot R9600 offers solutions for dairy farms where Batch Milking AMS is a better fit.

GEA Farm Technologies has unveiled its latest innovation: the DairyRobot R9600 for Batch Milking Automated Milking Systems (AMS).

GEA says this cutting-edge technology, designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency, marks a significant milestone for the Australian dairy industry.

While the uptake in robotic milking has primarily been in family-owned and operated dairy farms using Voluntary Cow Flow Automated Milking Systems (AMS), changes to feeding management and daily routines have challenged wider adoption of AMS.

The GEA DairyRobot R9600 now offers solutions for dairy farms where Batch Milking AMS is a better fit.

“We are thrilled to introduce the DairyRobot R9600 to our dairy farming community,” GEA AMS sales manager for Australia, Jurgen Steen, said.

“Our mission has always been to drive innovation that benefits farmers of all sizes, and with the DairyRobot R9600, we are delivering on that promise.

“By making AMS accessible to larger farms, we are enabling farmers to streamline their operations, increase labour efficiency, and ultimately achieve sustainable growth."

GEA says the compact design and small footprint reduce building costs and simplifies installation, by allowing more robots in the available area.

The DairyRobot R9600 builds on the efficiency of the DairyRobot R9500, consuming minimal water and energy.

The system supports cow welfare by allowing automatic milking and easy access for herd management, ensuring comfort and health for the herd.

The Batch Milking DairyRobot R9600. Photo by Sacha Goerke

GEA says key benefits are:

  • No changes to feeding programs needed. Both Total Mixed Ration (TMR) feeding and conventional grazing are possible.
  • Reduced daily hours of operation, eliminating the need for 24-hour operation.
  • Easy retrofit to existing dairies due to the compact footprint.
  • Built on the proven DR 9500 platform.
  • Suitable for a wide range of animal sizes.
  • In-Liner Everything milking hygiene.
  • Advanced mastitis detection.
  • Quarter individual milk separation.

GEA now offers three platforms for customisable AMS solutions: DR9500 Voluntary Cow Flow AMS, DR9600 Batch Milking AMS and DPQ Batch Milking AMS.

All these platforms share the same core: the GEA robot module and the In-Liner Everything milking principle.

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Cows entering the DairyRobot R9600 Batch Milking AMS.