Faster feeding — and more efficient too with the McIntosh's Multi 4 Bale Feeder

MCINTOSH’S MULTI 4 Bale Feeder has been in the market for more than five years and is proving itself to be a great purchase by many happy farmers.

CLAAS Harvest Centre Echuca’s Brendan Caffery said they were receiving great feedback from McIntosh owners in regard to the efficiency they have gained in being able to carry four bales on the machine and another two on the tractor.

This has allowed some to reduce their feeding time by up to 30 per cent, which means less time but also importantly saving hours on tractors which all adds up to less costs.

“The Multi Bale Feeder has a unique twin ram bale loading system and is capable of handling bales weighing up to 1200 kg in weight and allows the operator to hold the bale above the platform to allow easy removal of the net and wrap,” Mr Caffery said.

“This is especially suitable for roto-cut silage bales that can fall apart once the net has been removed and ensures all the material falls into the chamber and not over the back of the machine.”

“The bale transfer system pushes each bale up into the feeding cradle, where specially designed feeder slats allow the easy transfer of the bales but ensuring plenty of aggression for consistent feeding.

“The dual sided cradle allows accurate control of feeding out the fodder either side of the machine, no matter which way the bale is placed into the cradle.

“Also, the new style vertical drop side feeder chains feed well clear of the wheel track preventing of the wheels running over the material.”

The McIntosh Multi Bale Feeder is extremely well built and has features that are designed with durability and ease of use in mind, like heavy duty chassis, walking beam axles with floatation tyres, large storage bins and two remote operation are all designed to make feeding bales quick and easier.

“Feedback from customers has been that they really like the ability to go into a large herd of cows and feed up to three bales out without getting out of the tractor seat,” Mr Caffery said.

“This is a great safety feature as anyone who has experienced trying to get the plastic and net off the second bale in a mob of hungry cows when you are only able to feed one bale out at a time would know.”

In 2016 the McIntosh Multi Bale Feeder won the Tractor & Machinery Association Best Non-Powered Machine of the Year at Farm World.

Then later in the year at the Elmore Field Days it was also awarded The Weekly Times Best Imported Machine of the Year award.

For more information, contact CLAAS Harvest Centre Echuca on 5480 1855.