Clipex ramps up at AgQuip

Clipex products were on display at AqQuip.

Clipex Fencing & Stockyards launched its latest product, the PGX Cattle Ramp, at the AgQuip field days in August.

This new addition fortifies the PGX line and is set to revolutionise cattle handling, bringing affordability to the sector of premium high quality yard designs.

“Clipex is constantly pushing the boundaries of agricultural products in Australia and around the world,” Clipex founder Ashley Olsson said.

“Our solutions, from robust fencing to efficient stockyards, stem from our commitment to progressive design, durability and above all operator safety.”

Clipex has been an industry leader in animal handling and stockyards for more than a decade, with a sharp focus on permanent sheep and cattle yards.

The company offers a comprehensive arrangement of yard designs, which have been engineered for safety and efficiency.

“We’ve designed the PGX Cattle Ramp prioritising cattle and operator safety as well as ease-of-use,” Mr Olsson said.

“This ramp joins our popular PGX series of premium budget friendly solutions which provide high quality cattle handling without breaking the bank.”

The launch of the PGX Cattle Ramp further underscores the company’s commitment to lead and continually redefine agricultural best practices.

“The launch of the new PGX Cattle Ramp represents our commitment to inspire change and enhance productivity in the agricultural landscape,” Mr Olsson said.