Number one bull for daughters

GENETICS AUSTRALIA have released its August proof update with Calister Maebull the new number one daughter proven bull.

Maebull’s stable breeding value has held him in good stead as other challengers have fallen away with refinements to the ABV methodology.

With 129 daughters in his production breeding value, Maebull provides a reliable balance of production, type, health and fertility.

He ticks all the key type boxes: lower pins, wider chests, shallow udders and longer teats. Outstanding ratings for cell count, fertility and heat tolerance round out the offering from this elite A22 sire.

Genetics Australia said it continued to source the best possible genetics from around the world to fuel Australian breeding programs.

JSMontana from the Jetstream stable is now adding daughters and the reports are very encouraging. This A22 sire delivers a balanced production profile from snug well attached udders. Great health and fertility will ensure that JSMontana has long-term appeal.

Genetics Australia said Douggan retained the number one ranking from the April ABVs and remained the premium choice for Jersey genetics.

“Douggan emphasises dairy strength and is an exceptional component improver with strong health and fertility scores,” Genetics Australia said.

The Genetics Australia Jersey bull team continues to go from strength to strength with some exciting bulls coming through the system.

Genetics Australia dominant Jersey team also includes the number one proven sire Irwin, thanks to its partnership with World Wide Sires US.

The Genetics Australia website is now updated with the latest ABVs. visit