Service to back the products

Cindy Lucas on-farm helping her customers rear their best calves.
Keryn Nunan supports the retail side of Daviesway’s calf rearing range.

Daviesway created Australia’s most comprehensive calf rearing division — and then took everything a step further.

Not only does this Australian family-owned business offer everything from supplements, calf feeders and colostrum management through to hygiene and housing, it also regularly hosts networking luncheons, and it hand-picked two staff members who live and breathe helping Australian farmers rear healthy and happy calves.

Daviesway sources its products from around the world or manufactures them at its DASCO plant at Heidelberg, in Melbourne.

And the company has the team to help customers get the most from those products.

Brendan Johnson is DASCO’s general manager (the manufacturing side of Daviesway’s business).

Raised on a dairy farm, Brendan has spent more than 20 years in rural merchandise — many of them focusing on calf rearing.

He is the name behind Daviesway’s decision to become the first business in Australia to manufacture dried colostrum. Kwik Start is today a staple on many Australian farms.

Other hero products include Daviesway DASCO’s bestselling probiotic paste, BioBoost, ZorbiFresh Active (a bedding conditioner that absorbs up to 199 per cent of its weight in moisture), and BioCalf (a probiotic daily powder in-milk supplement with an industry-leading 15.5 billion colony forming units).

The heart of the calf rearing team is Cindy Lucas and Keryn Nunan.

Cindy used to rear up to 500 calves a year and continues to run Calm Calf Contract Calf Rearing in northern Victoria. Her role is to offer support, a fresh perspective and solutions when they are needed.

Keryn is a former farmer, who has held several territory sales manager roles in ag retail. She operates across Victoria, Tasmania, and into southern NSW from her northern Victorian base. She still rears calves.

Cindy predominantly operates on-farm. Keryn focuses on supporting the retail stores, but both women can easily move between the two.

Brendan says Cindy and Keryn offer practical experience, they relate to the pressure-points all calf rearers face, and they bring an important aftersales connection that is changing outcomes and elevating results.

“Calf rearing can be a lonely job when things aren’t going well,” Brendan said.

“To be able to bounce ideas off someone who understands exactly what those challenges are, can be reassuring.

“Cindy and Keryn thoroughly understand the products, how to use them, and they are very focused on making sure our farmers have local access to the products they need, when they need them.”

Services the Daviesway’s calf rearing team offers include:

  • Calf rearing audit — a great way to identify where to start.
  • Calf shed design, pen layout and bedding options/protocols.
  • Hygiene and sanitising procedures.
  • Colostrum management.
  • Feeding programs.
  • Milk feeding equipment options.
  • Calf health assessment checklist and standard operating protocols.

Contact Cindy Lucas on 0427 192 421 or at:

Contact Keryn Nunan on 0461 349 371 or at:

Daviesway’s products are available in ag retail stores throughout the country.