Boost for animal welfare

Animal welfare considerations are front-of-mind for anyone with livestock. Photo by Geoff Adams

Animal welfare is crucial to the success of any enterprise involving livestock, and Tri-Solfen is improving the way producers manage animal husbandry procedures.

Since entering the market, Tri-Solfen pain relief and wound care has become a staple for many producers.

Approved for use on beef and dairy cattle, as well as sheep, Tri-Solfen enables producers to deliver a high level of pain management to livestock undergoing routine surgical procedures, including castrating, disbudding and de-horning calves, or tail docking, mulesing and castrating lambs.

“Tri-Solfen’s ease of administration, non-prescription, over-the-counter formulation is changing the way producers manage animal husbandry procedures that are essential for ongoing animal health and welfare,” David Keevers, from Dechra Veterinary Products, said.

Mr Keevers said producers who have adopted Tri-Solfen into their livestock management practices “are a step ahead of the rest”.

Not only are they operating under better animal welfare standards, but the investment is paying off through either a faster recovery time post procedure or a premium price for ethically produced outputs, he said.

Animal welfare considerations are not only influenced by standards set by the livestock industry, but also the societal expectation that consumers now have on livestock products.

Consumers have a greater desire for responsibly produced livestock products, and as a result, producers wanting to receive a premium must meet these standards.

Tri-Solfen is the only 4-in-1 pain relief and wound care product on the market that is available over the counter.

Mr Keevers said implementation of Tri-Solfen into livestock management practices aligns with industry objectives to meet consumer expectations and with producers’ goals of providing a high standard of care for their livestock.

“Best practice is essential for the success of our industry,” he said.

“Tri-Solfen is easy to use and can seamlessly be adopted into these routine surgical procedures, so there isn’t any reason why all farmers can’t introduce it.

“It’s good for the animals. It’s good for farmers. And it’s good for our industry.”