Facing the future

By Dairy News

“The goal is clear, a strong, confident, agile and forward looking dairy industry in the Murray region. An industry that transforms challenges into opportunities, is profitable and continues to support the communities that depend on its prosperity. Owning our own future will be the key to success.”

This paragraph is quoted directly from the document Future Focus — Dairy Industry Strategy, Murray Region 2019, and highlights the importance of the “next step” or the broader strategy for dairy — the Australian Dairy Plan.

Just as Future Focus is an important document in identifying and recognising key trends, issues and opportunities in our region, the Australian Dairy Plan will serve the same function, but on a national scale.

The objective of these national conversations is to achieve cohesion and focus through the collective effort of those who are key to our industry, and give direction to all industry players across the board.

To achieve this, it’s important that the Murray regional voice is heard, given our unique set of challenges and opportunities in running our dairy businesses.

Regional consultations will be held across our region in June, so I encourage each and every one of you to come along and contribute to this important conversation. For more information on locations please contact Murray Dairy direct or if you can’t make it in person, you can also contribute to the Dairy Plan through a confidential online platform called Our Say.

To find more information, or to have your say online, visit

These past few months have been busy ones for us at Murray Dairy, with a very successful Regional Stakeholder Tour held at the beginning of April. A wide segment of our industry was represented on this tour, centred around the development and ongoing management of our feedbase systems which, ultimately, have a significant impact on farm profitability.

As part of a regional Feedbase Strategy, Murray Dairy has identified and is developing four key investment areas which will encompass nine projects around feedbase systems, designed to address the specific challenges facing our region in this space.

There will be more information available on these projects in the coming months as Murray Dairy seeks expressions of interest for various projects around feedbase and water. I would like to personally thank the three farm families who opened their farms to us and shared their valuable time and knowledge with the visiting group.

By the time you read this column, the Murray Muster will be an event of the past — I hope as many of you as possible attended the event, being our major showcase for the year. Over the two days, guests had the opportunity to hear from Australian and international speakers with new research and rigorous discussion on automation, consumers and climate.

In closing, much of our region had varying degrees of rainfall in May; wherever you farm, I hope you managed to receive enough to lift the spirits and see the germination of new pasture.

· Karen Moroney

Chair, Murray Dairy