Murray Goulburn site to go

By Dairy News

The former Rochester Murray Goulburn factory is expected to go on the market this year, as its new owner prepares to realise the closed site.

Lino Saputo Jr, the chief executive officer of MG’s new owners, Saputo, said the site was likely to go on the market this year.

The Rochester community has been worried that the site would simply be mothballed, as Murray Goulburn has done with some previous vacated factories.

However, Mr Saputo said last week the company’s global practice on redundant factories was to close them and then remove the equipment and machinery, and then sell the property.

The Rochester factory closed about 12 months ago.

Meanwhile, Mr Saputo reassured suppliers that the future of the Cobram factory was sound, after experiencing a cut in supplier numbers and milk volume.

Mr Saputo said his company was spending millions of dollars in the cheese plant, and if necessary would truck in milk supply from other regions.

He said Saputo was looking at a variety of options and would even consider buying milk from other processors if that was required to keep the plant running at optimum level.

Cobram was the founding region for Murray Goulburn and has had a dairy processing plant for almost 70 years.