Dairy News

NSW dairy advocate announced

By Geoff Adams


NSW Farmers’ has welcomed the appointment of Ian Zandstra as the first NSW Fresh Milk and Dairy Advocate.

NSW Farmers’ Dairy Committee Chair Colin Thompson said Mr Zandstra's wealth of experience throughout the dairy supply chain made him the ideal advocate.

“Ian Zandstra has over 35 years’ experience working in the NSW dairy industry, both on farm and also in a number of co-operatives, and is highly respected throughout the industry.

“He knows and understands the dynamics of the dairy industry, how it has changed and the opportunities for the future.”

“The appointment of the Advocate is critical for the NSW dairy industry. They will pay a key role in working with industry to identify the changes needed to create a strong and profitable industry.”

“We need to address fundamental problems facing the dairy industry, like the inequities along the supply chain and the irrational prices for dairy products.”

“To address these problems, it is crucial that there is a strong link between the NSW Advocate and the ACCC Dairy Specialist at the Commonwealth level.”