Farmers vote no to higher levy

Farmers have voted for no change to the dairy service levy. Photo by Rick Bayne

Dairy farmers have voted to not change the current levy investment during the 2022 Dairy Poll conducted between February 24 and March 31.

The poll presented farmers an opportunity to vote on investment in the industry’s future with four voting options, determined by an independent Levy Poll Advisory Committee.

Dairy Australia has been notified by Link Market Services, the independent company engaged to conduct the vote, that ‘no change’ to the levy was preferred among farmers, receiving 64 per cent of the votes.

This means the levy stays at 4.7¢/kg MS.

The other options were a 15 per cent (5.5¢/kg MS), a 20 per cent (5.5¢/kg MS) or a 25 per cent (5.9¢/kg MS) increase.

The Levy Poll Advisory Committee had recommended a 20 per cent increase.

Dairy Australia chair and South Australian dairy farmer James Mann thanked everyone who had been part of “this important process to determine the future investment in the industry”.

“Thanks also to the Levy Poll Advisory Committee, who gave a great deal of time and effort to determine the voting options,” Mr Mann said.

“Our collective funds play an important role in delivering services that individual farmers cannot deliver alone — whether that’s research in feed or genetics, or how we respond to challenges such as labour and natural disasters — your contribution will continue to make a big difference for our industry.”

Dairy Australia managing director David Nation said 36 per cent voted for an increase in the levy, which he said indicated support for the key areas identified for continuing investment — labour, regional services, climate and policy development.

“We will need to consider how we address these key areas and now work to prioritise investment and services with these areas in mind, along with our current investment mix,” Dr Nation said.

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