Viking achieves three of top five

By Dairy News Australia

Viking Genetics Australia has achieved three of the top five positions for daughter-proven sires on BPI for the August run.


VIKRTOKYO cemented his number one position with a strong BPI of 291 with 75 Australian daughters on top of his 2656 international daughters.

Tokyo has exceptional production, positive fertility and a conformation ABV that any breed would be proud to own according to Viking Genetics.

VikRFaabeli and VikRFroerup are the other two shining stars in the top five line up.

Faabeli has close to 2000 international daughters in his proof.

He will breed a smaller robust cow with nice udders and good production, perfect for intensive grazing systems according to Viking Genetics.

Froerup is a new sire with one of the highest NTM (Nordic Total Merit) proofs ever achieved as a proven sire.


Viking Australia said there were several sires to keep an eye on coming through the ABV system, one being VIKHSPARKY.

Sparky is the highest ranked daughter fertility sire (117) with milking daughters that is A2A2.

He has more than 4000 international daughters in his proof.

Viking Genetics said Sparky’s udders and teat length were a feature, but what you could not see on his Australian proof was his amazing daughter resistance to the biggest foot issues in Australia, white line separation and sole haemorrhage.

Watch VIkHRomello and VikHBooth as well, because they have increasing proofs here on top of their Viking proofs.

Milking daughters in Australia are proving popular with Booth transmitting high milk yields to nice medium-size heifers with lovely udders and temperament.

Romello daughters are stylish with strong front ends, lovely udders, excellent daughter fertility and good lactation persistency (NTM proofs).


VikJQuintana is emerging through the BPI system as his daughters are coming into production in Australia.

Reports of high classifying daughters with nice stature and chest, udder depth and teat length are becoming common place.

It is early days with 27 daughters in 10 herds here in Australia on top of his 1065 daughters in Denmark, but just these few have almost doubled his BPI score from the April run.