Rocket fuel for livestock performance

By Dairy News Australia

 Chicory is a deep tap rooted perennial herb which supports high animal performance during spring and summer when other traditional pastures start to lack quality and yield.

This makes Chico chicory an ideal option to finish lambs over late spring and summer.

Using Chico chicory as a spring sown fodder crop for spring summer and autumn feed makes it a great option for renovating worn out, unproductive pastures.

Chico chicory has exceptional quality during times when other pastures start to decline in yield and quality.

Typically, leafy Chico will have crude protein content in the range of 20 – 28 per cent and energy levels over 12 MJME/Kg Dry matter.

This means Chico chicory can support high animal intake and lamb live weight gains of 180 to 360 grams per day depending on grazing management.

Chico chicory can support up to 40 lambs per hectare over summer and autumn with good grazing management and growing conditions.

Chico chicory is best established during spring when soil temperatures consistently are above 12 degrees Celsius.

This avoids the plant vernalising and going reproductive, so it remains vegetative in its first summer, maintaining its high quality.

Chico chicory is ideally rotationally grazed to maximize animal intake and dry matter yield although can be used successfully in a set stocking situation.

Chico is also a safe crop for grazing during summer with no prussic acid or endophyte concerns.

Establish Chico in a free draining paddock that has been sprayed out and cultivated to promote rapid establishment. Sow Chico chicory at 8kg/ha for a dedicated fodder crop at 10mm depth.

Chicory has many chemical options available for in-crop weed control which makes it an ideal for a lead-in crop for pasture renovation.

Chico is also Diamondback moth and White Butterfly tolerant making it a easy crop to look after.

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