Kärcher partners with Gendore to help Gippsland dairy farmers reduce costs and save time when cleaning

By Dairy News Australia

Cleaning and disinfecting is important in maintaining the health and wellbeing of high producing dairy cows.

Thorough cleaning and added disinfection can help decrease bacteria and prevent milk contamination.

One particular Gippsland dairy farm has been operating for more than 70 years and are third generation farmers.

The family milks 1200 Friesian cows on 400 ha of prime rolling dairy country in Gippsland.

The milking plant is a high density commercial business and requires thorough cleaning and disinfection after each milking session.

With the assistance of Gendore and Kärcher's Stationary High-Pressure Wash System, the sanitary demands of the farm were met beyond expectations.

The Kärcher system installed on the Gippsland dairy farm is an all-round configurable state-of-the-art system, which includes a stainless steel remote control panel, a high pressure detergent injection system, optional hot and cold water selection and a two-stage shutdown for additional safety and no water wastage.

The high pressure stainless steel pipe work with anti-vibration clips runs around the entire perimeter of the plant to three high pressure outlets, including two inside the rotary dairy and one on a purpose-built external wash bay.

The stainless steel floor surface cleaner, with a 500 mm diameter, is perfect for removing the heavy contamination from floor surfaces.

Also included was a custom pipework cleaner, ensuring all internal surfaces of the pipes involved in the milking process are effectively and efficiently cleaned.

In addition, an extended wall cleaning lance is used ensuring total cleaning of the plant is covered.

The sanitary demands of both the farm and industry exceeded expectations.

Feedback from the dairy farm has been that this Kärcher Stationary High-Pressure Wash System installation has been the "most hygienic improvement in the operations of the farm" saving valuable family time, water and money.

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