The fastest maturity summer turnip

By Dairy News

Turnips are a great summer cropping option as they provide a high yielding, high quality crop ideal for finishing lambs.

One of the main drawbacks in the past with turnips has been the very late crop maturity of varieties available at the time, making them an unsuitable option in many regions of Australia.

However Marco turnip from Cropmark Seeds which is the fastest maturing summer turnip available in Australia, has changed the way many farmers use turnips now.

Marco turnip has a tetraploid, tankard shaped bulb which increases animal access and utilisation. With its fast maturity from sowing to grazing in just 55 to 65 days, Marco turnip can be used in situations where traditional turnips would be unsuitable.

Because of the quick maturity of Marco, it is an ideal crop where limited moisture is available or an unseasonal rainfall event provides an opportunity to plant a fast maturating crop.

Marco can also be used for late sowing or where a crop failure occurs. In some situations it has been possible to get two crops of Marco in one season.

Marco’s versatility lends itself to staggered planting times so that a constant supply of high quality feed is available throughout summer.

Marco turnip’s high feed quality supports high growth rates in lambs. This means more lambs grazing per hectare can be achieved with faster turn-off times achievable with good grazing management.

With a high bulb to leaf ratio and a tankard above ground bulb, excellent crop access can be achieved to maximise dry matter yield utilisation. Marco’s bulbs have excellent storage ability in the field as they retain their quality for as long as 90 days after sowing.

 A summer Marco turnip crop makes an ideal preparation for the following autumn’s pasture renovation program with good chemical weed control options available.

Marco can be sown from spring onwards when soil temperatures consistently reach 12 degrees Celsius. Select a free draining paddock that has been sprayed out and cultivated and sow Marco at 2 to 3 Kg per hectare at 10mm sowing depth.

Stock can start to transition onto the crop as early as 55 days after planting.

Marco turnips can be used in wide variety of ways in which traditional turnips wouldn’t be suitable.

For specific advice on how to use Marco turnips on your farm and get the best result, contact your local Cropmark Seeds representative.

For further information, please visit https://www.cropmarkseeds.com/Forage-Products-from-Cropmark-Seeds/Marco-Tetraploid-Turnip

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