Social media tips for farmers

By Jamie Salter

A panel discussion held by the WestVic Dairy Young Dairy Network is aiming to empower farmers to harness social media.

The panel will be led by farmers who have mastered social media and want to share what they have learned from years of trial and error.

WestVic Dairy’s Young Dairy Network co-ordinator Heather Smillie said the panellists would provide practical social media tips.

“Each of our six amazing panellists has a unique approach to social media and years of experience to back them up,” she said.

Gippsland Jersey co-founder Sallie Jones said she owed the success of her business to the community of customers and supporters she had built through social media.

“There’s no way we could have built the connection with our customers and community without the power of social media,” Ms Jones said.

“Through every challenge, we have always been able to speak directly to our customers, gather their support and continue to grow our business.

“Beyond just marketing our products, we’ve also got this amazing platform to talk about what’s important to us — a fair price for farmers, mental health and kindness in everything we do.”

Former UDV president Adam Jenkins said farmers needed to proactively use social media to give urban consumers a window into daily life on Australian farms.

“I’m passionate about using social media to tell positive stories, demonstrate the care and compassion we show our animals, and counteract the lies perpetrated by those who want to shut down animal agriculture,” Mr Jenkins said.

“I want to inspire more farmers to do the same.”

The Dairy Businesses panel will be held on Thursday, August 13 from 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm and will include Gippsland Jersey co-founder Sallie Jones, Lightning Ridge Genetics founder Declan Patten and Provenir co-founder Jayne Newgreen.

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