The cream of the dairy industry recognised with Milk Quality Awards

By Dairy News Australia

Dairy farmers producing Australia’s best quality milk have been named in Dairy Australia’s 2020 Milk Quality Awards.

The awards recognise farmers producing the country’s best milk based on bulk milk cell count (BMCC).

Gold Awards are given to the ‘Top 100’ dairy farmers nationally for milk quality. Together with Silver Award winners, these farmers are the top five per cent of Australian producers for milk quality.

Dairy Australia managing director David Nation congratulated the 2020 winners.

“The industry can take pride in the achievement of all winners of these awards,” he said.

“Getting to this level takes consistent focus across the year on all aspects of the milking process, including effective mastitis control and maintaining a high level of attention to detail.

“This dedication underpins the high quality of Australian dairy products.”

A focus on low BMCC helps increase milk yields and can improve the milk income received by farmers.

Most processing companies pay a premium for milk with a BMCC below 250,000 cells/ml and Dairy Australia analysis estimates that a farmer milking 300 cows who lowers their BMCC from 250,000 to 100,000 would be financially better off to the tune of $39,000 per year.

Dr Nation said Dairy Australia’s Countdown program had helped support an industry-wide focus on profitable mastitis control in dairy herds.

Dairying regions were well represented throughout the Top 100, with 57 western Victorian farms represented, while almost one-fifth of award recipients hailed from northern Victoria and 15 recipients were located in Gippsland.

Seven award winners are from Tasmania, while South Australia has two, Queensland has five, NSW has three and Western Australia has four.

“Dairy farmers can improve milk quality by attending training courses nationwide provided by our eight Regional Development Programs,” Dr Nation said.

“We also have a network of nearly 300 Dairy Australia-trained Countdown advisers, including vets, machine technicians, factory field officers and herd improvement staff across the country.

“Farmers can also access a range of online resources on Dairy Australia’s website and use other services like DataGene.”

Data for the Milk Quality Awards is supplied to Dairy Australia by dairy companies across the country.

To be eligible, dairy farms must have data for a minimum of nine months in a calendar year. Monthly averages are then used to calculate the annual average BMCC for each farm.

Lists of winners and some case studies can be accessed at:

2020 Milk Quality Award winners

Northern Victoria

Ashdale 55 Pty Ltd

Ashley J Fiedler

BD & KL Mitchell

C & R Cavallaro

Campbell Jr

CL Freemantle Pty Ltd

Coowonga Family Trust

D & M Colbert

JW & VL Douglas

C & N Hibberson

SG & SJ Jones

RA & HJ Doolan Pty Ltd

RJ & JR Rixon Pty Ltd

RJ Perkins & SF Evans

SJ & AK Christopher

SC & VJ Winchester

H & S Stephens

NJ Wild NJ

WJ & A Stammers

Western Victoria

AN Buckley

Araluen Pastoral Holdings P/L

Ballangeich Run Pty Ltd

Bidgemah Trust

Blain Dairying Pty Ltd

KJ Boys

CA & AL Duro

CA & KL Spokes Family Trust

Carrakoorte North Pty Ltd

CL & CL Costin

CL & JM Drake

CP & MJ Nijskens

HF Crabbe

CW & AM Smart

DC Johnson Pty Ltd

Denbigh Pastoral Trust

DG Hallyburton & RS Hallyburton

Dixie Ridge Farm Pty Ltd

L Fielding

GA & JL Crothers

M & L Gardiner

GF & RL Lloyd

Glenmead Pty Ltd - Atf Smith Farm Trust

Guye Family Trust

Howard Farm Trust

HU Vogel & S Vogel

HW & BE Elliott

IR & JA Rhode

J, S & T Brown Pty Ltd

Kangertong Farming Pty Ltd

KP Campbell & The Campbell Family Trust

Laang Farm Partnership

LJ Balcombe General Transport P/L Atf Balbat Trading Trust

HF & FA Lowe

AH Lucas

KA Massey

ML & KE Ryan

Nolane Investments P/L Atf Lestin Invest Discretionary Trust

IG & RL Nunn

PA & KM Finlayson

Powell Dairy Farms Pty Ltd Atf Warraboon Farm

RM Morey

RC & SJ Methven

RF & NP Bourk

RJ & EH Swayn

AM & TJ Robertson

Seabrook Holdings (Vic) Pty Ltd

SJ & AE Watson Pty Ltd

The Trustee For B & R Couch Family Trust

The Trustee For Eirenclare Farms Unit Trust

The Trustee For Scotts Creek Dairies Family Trust

TJ & CJ Beasley

Udderly Fed Up Pty Ltd

VDL Dairies Ltd Island View

Willie Hawker Pty Ltd

TA Willie & Son

WJ & VL Crole Family Trust


KD & IM Askew

D & S McCann

DW & CG & FC & DL Armstrong

DG & DL Green

JH Cuthbertson Pty Ltd

Jim & Heather Harvey

TK & SP Moss

PF Crea

RL & B Lade

S & J Bland

SB & IF Derrick

TL Geary (91-1)

Tarago River Farms Pty Ltd

The Trustee For Potter Family Trust

GV & JL Waltham

Western Australia

HD Harrison & Co.

Ian & Ruth Mcgregor

L Fitzpatrick

M & A Brett

New South Wales

Hillgrove Dairy Pty Ltd

NC & V Joiner

NG & NG & TJ Pearce T/A Warwick Farm Enterprises


B & J Wieck

PF Borham

MA & TM Griffiths

IJ Kennaugh

DG, AL, GR & MD Zischke

South Australia

DM Daffy & GA Daffy

DO & KM Hunter


JW & VL Douglas

Dunbar Family Trust

RT Green

RM & LM Heathcote

Mount Patrick Estate

GJ Pump

Sheffield School Farm