Unpacking the latest dairy report

By Geoff Adams

 Agriculture Victoria’s specialist Farm Business Economist Claire Waterman, Dairy Australia’s Farm Business Data Analyst, Jake Musson and independent farm consultants will be talking to farmers in the wake of the release of the Dairy Farm Monitor report.

Ms Waterman will take  farmers through the 2018-19 Dairy Farm Monitor Project results, focusing on the Murray Dairy region and looking at last year against 13-years of historic performance data.

Mr Musson has used Dairy Farm Monitor Data to identify factors that contribute to consistently high profitability.

Jake will be outlining the factors that are common to better performing businesses and what sets some farms apart.
Brian Crockart (Echuca session) and Tom Farran (Shepparton session) will outline what recent history and current forecasts have led them to conclude about the year ahead.

Sessions at the Echuca Hotel on September 25 between 7am and 9am, and at the Shepparton Peppermill Inn, on September 25 between 6:30pm and 8:30pm..

RSVP to 0438 092 352