Conference resolutions

By Dairy News

The following motions were carried by the recent UDV Conference in Melbourne:

Colac Branch resolution:

The UDV push for the NLIS database to be brought up to date.

Colac Branch resolution:

The UDV/ADF to lobby state and Federal Government representatives participating in the Australia and New Zealand Food Regulations Forum to adopt truth in labelling regulations that specifically acknowledge that products marketed as milk must be sourced from mammals, and not plant-based alternatives, as a matter of urgency.

Karrinjeet Singh-Mahil (Wannon Branch) resolution:

That the UDV extend its work around simplifying milk pricing to fully investigate the costs and benefits of differential pricing for farmers and the broader industry.

Wannon Branch resolution:

That the UDV advocate for the Victorian Government to legislate or regulate as necessary to compel power distributors to upgrade power infrastructure to ensure safety to regional and rural communities and to transport all forms of reliable energy generated to and from dairy farm businesses to meet the needs of our business both now and going forward for the next 50 years.

Wannon Branch resolution:

That taking the Dairy Plan initiative, this conference and UDV call upon all dairy advocacy groups, including Farmer Power and Dairy Connect, to sit at the one table to work together.

Wannon Branch resolution:

The UDV lobby to update the structure of FMDs to ensure it is meeting modern needs.

Colac/Corangamite/Warragul branches resolution:

The UDV/VFF lobby to ensure that harsher penalties are put in place to deter animal extremists from partaking in activities that falsely discredit animal agriculture and put stock and farming families at risk and provide adequate information to members with regard to laws and appropriate rights of farmers. These activities include: trespass, putting biosecurity at risk, applying unnecessary stress on stock (which could lead to injury or death), theft and unlawful surveillance (including with drones).

Corangamite Branch resolution:

That the UDV advocate to government to ensure that animal activist organisations that are instigating incitements pertaining to farming enterprises, farming personnel and rural communities have their charity status removed.