Farmers form new dairy co-op

By Sophie Baldwin

Australia’s latest dairy co-op — Eureka Dairy — has been approved by the Australian Competition and Consumer commission and is looking for suppliers.

ACCC approval gives it the legal governance required to operate.

Interim director, Steve Hawken, said more than 50 farmers with a milk pool of about 140 million litres are interested in becoming active members.

Mr Hawken said while the group had appeared to be quiet, there had been a lot of work going on behind the scenes.

“We have spent the last few months sorting out all the legal requirements and are now in a position to move forward,” he said.

“We remain in active discussions with processors both big and small, including a couple of niche processors who have approached us recently and we are confident there will be some action in this space after Christmas.

“We are currently building a network of farmers and are happy to hear from anyone interested in joining us, regardless of how many cows you milk.

“The only requirement is milk must be premium, although we do have avenues to help farmers who are experiencing cell count issues.”

He said the co-op had never lost sight of its initial goal, which had always been to receive a fair and sustainable milk price.