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Feed blends to suit all needs

By Dairy News

Casey and Bonnie Taylor from Surrylea Farms at Heathmere are always looking to develop and progress their transition program, and since 2007 Ridley has played a firm part in the process.

The Taylors have gone from the temporary set-up of feeding pellets in troughs out in the paddock to adding a permanent secondary feed head in the rotary dairy to more accurately manage the program.

And for the past three years, they have been feeding Ridley Transition Blends.

Designed to be fed as a total mixed ration (TMR) or partial mixed ration (PMR), the blends remove the need for mixing facilities on-farm.

The proportions of chopped forages are adjusted according to individual farm requirements, with additional nutrient supplied as pellets. The pellet range includes energy, protein, mineral or transition feed formulations.  Molasses is used in the blends to help reduce separation of the individual ingredients.

“We have seen transition blends as an ongoing development and progression of our transition feeding program and have been thrilled with the results,” Mr Taylor said.

“Our cows are hitting their straps sooner and cycling faster. This season we calved 380 cows within 6.5 weeks with very few metabolic issues.

“Overall Ridley Transition Blends complement our farm and production system,” he said.

Jack Kenny and Pete Kenny from Colac have also been using the blends for more than three years.

“The transition mix has been a godsend and gives me peace of mind. There are no milk fever issues and the blend is more beneficial as we don’t need to purchase cereal hay and then lead feed as well. Cows are getting in calf earlier and we have never had so many cows calving in such a tight calving group as we have had this year.”

Jack Kenny.

The Ridley dairy team provides leading-edge nutritional advice to ensure nutrients are supplied to optimise the financial benefit of feeding a balanced diet.

Ridley Transition Blend

A TMR specifically formulated to provide the correct nutrient balance for high performing dairy cows in the transition period. The ration will cover energy, protein, mineral and vitamin requirements along with appropriate DCAD levels.

Heifer Blend

A flexible ration for either young cattle as a TMR or PMR or for lactating cattle as a PMR. Feed rates will vary accordingly based on requirements.

Seasonal Milking Blend

PMR rations are designed to be used in conjunction with other forages and concentrates at a variable feed rate. Feed rates vary based on requirements.

Dry Cow Blend

Designed to maintain body condition and cover late pregnancy requirements from drying off until 21 days before calving. This blend can be used as a TMR or PMR.

In addition to making grain mixes and pelleted feeds for dairy herds, the Ridley mill at Terang can manufacture a range of blends suitable for all stages of production.

Call Ridley on its free-call number 1800100151.