Helping young dairy people further their skills

By Dairy News

A DAIRY cattle show will be run by the Gippsland Dairy Youth Group in March.

The Gippsland Dairy Youth Group was founded in 1999 for young people to share in their knowledge, skill and love for the dairy industry with a particular emphasis on dairy cattle showing. It is a volunteer-run group including individuals up to the age of 25.

The Gippsland Dairy Youth Group has been an active community group holding many educational and social events over the years. These have been based around the art of cattle showing including leading, clipping and judging. Educational events including animal nutrition and health and social events such as farm walks and bowling nights have been held.

The group also appoints a representative team of 10 participants each year to compete in the Youth Challenge at International Dairy Week.

The main event and highlight for the year is a dairy cattle show run by the youth group to allow the members an opportunity to show their heifers/cows and demonstrate their skills and knowledge of showing dairy cattle.

Co-ordinator Johno Spargo said this event had proven very successful during the past 20 years and also provided the opportunity for up-and-coming judges to enter into the judging world.

The group’s 20th anniversary of its annual All Breeds Gippsland Dairy Youth Show will be held on Sunday, March 10, during the Labour Day long weekend.