Champions’ sons make debut

By Dairy News

TWO NEW Holstein sires and a new Illawarra sire are making their debut at International Dairy Week this year.

Sons of reigning IDW Supreme Champion All Breeds, Elmar Goldwyn Jessica 11 EX92 3E, J11SALONE and J11CRUISER are sired by the prominent Doorman sons Walnutlawn Solomon (J11SALON) and Maverick Crush (J11CRUISER).

Genetics Australia marketing manager Claire McKie said it was a rare opportunity for Australian Holstein enthusiasts to inject some Jessica blood into their herd.

The bulls are some of only a handful that can boast two IDW champions in their direct maternal line, with their great-grand-dam the legendary Elmar Leader Jessica EX3E, the Grand Champion Holstein Cow in 2003.

With breeding values officially released in December, the young bulls’ genomic numbers have impressed, particularly the udder ratings.

JAZZY, Gorbro Joans Jazz, is a new Illawarra sire with outstanding show credentials.

His dam, Llandovery Joan 982 EX94, has an impressive record at IDW consistently placing first in her class, including being awarded Grand Champion and Reserve Supreme Champion in 2018.

“Joan is undoubtedly one of the best Illawarra cows to ever grace the IDW show ring and we are thrilled to have her son JAZZY in our line-up,” Ms McKie said.

Sired by ABSmanu, JAZZY semen will be available at IDW 2019.

Jetstream Genetics has also announced several new release sires that will hit the market this summer, including Siemers Hotspot who has registered a 3.99 for overall type and a 3.32 for udder composite.

This A22 Peak Hotline son is backed by the renowned Cookiecutter ‘H’ family. Few sires on the market have the combination of production, health and type that Hotspot boasts.

High GTPI sire Yolo (Bandares x Meridian) is a new A22 sire from the Rudy Missy family.

At 2875 GTPI, 958 net merit, 100lbs of fat, 55lbs of protein, 2.77 type, 3.21 udder composite and 2.2 DPR, Yolo semen is already in high demand in the United States.

Peak Exeter is a new ABSBourbon son that presents a strong balanced proof.

Backed by the UFM-Dubs Eroy family, this A2 sire transmits outstanding production combined with exceptional ratings for DPR and PL.

Two new ‘Custom Cut Type’ sires have joined the Jetstream offering, including Immense (Jacoby x Beemer) which has genomic ratings of 4.13 overall type and 2.98 udder composite.

The grand-dam of Immense is Our-Favourite Unlimited EX94, regarded as one of the best type transmitters in the world today.

Blexy’s Brewer RC (Diamondback x Goldwyn) is a Red Carrier sire from the 2017 World Dairy Expo Supreme Champion Blexy.