ABVS: Jeronimo holds top spot

By Dairy News

EARLIER THIS year ABS introduced the highest ever ABV sire to Australia, 29HO18698 ABS Jeronimo P.

He has improved on his April gBPI$ and still remains as the only sire over 400 gBPI$ at 407 gBPI$.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the interest in this sire and we’re equally excited that our breeding program bred his dam, ABS 7726 Jazlyn-P,” ABS National Sales Manager, Paul Quinlan, said.

“While we knew he was something special we couldn’t imagine the keen interest from genetic enthusiasts and the general dairying community.

“He exemplifies our aim to deliver profitable genetics to Australian dairy breeders and reflects what we stand for as a company — Profit From Genetic Progress.”

Still holding down the number one Holstein genomic sire position and highest sire to ever come into Australia, Jeronimo P offers A2A2 and polled (heterozygous) genes.

ABS has the available number one Holstein Australian daughter proven and genomic sires and still maintains five of the top 10 proven Holstein sires with a strong line up of genomic sires coming through as well.

They include brothers 29HO16714 De-Su 11 236 Balisto in the number four position and 29HO16667 De-Su 11 228 TOPSY at number six.

“High ranking 29HO17747 Cookiecutter Harper received his first daughter proof in North America this month and clearly demonstrates genetics don’t have to cost the earth, when you look at the company he shares among the top 20 TPI bulls.”

Harper sits on the Australian Interbull list at number five and 342 BPI$. His daughters will start calving in Australia over the next twelve months and local breeders are keen to see how they perform here.

• Article supplied by ABS.