New manure system saves time

By Dairy News

McLanahan has launched its Enviro System that deals with effluent from the dairy, handling the entire process from the initial capture throughto separation and solids stockpile.

The fully-automated system features filtration, self-cleaning and easy access for maintenance.

McLanahan’s Chris Knowles said the technology has been tested on 20 sites (both farms and stock yards) over several years.

It was designed in Australia using proven technology and will be serviced by experienced technicians.

McLanahan’s existing range includes sand manure separators, liquid solid separators and rotary bedding dryers.

“The Enviro System helps farmers effectively deal with effluent by turning it into usable dry manure to use as a biologically active soil amendment for regeneration of topsoil and leaving the nutrient rich green water available for irrigation,”Mr Knowles said.

The Enviro System will be available in two sizes. The Enviro 400 System is suitable for up to 400 cow and the Enviro 2000 System is suitable for herds between 400 and 2000 cows.

“Manure management is one of the challenging issues that dairy farmers face,” Mr Knowles said.

“To meet environmental regulations, obtain permits for expansion and be a responsible neighbour, farmers need to manage manure flows and capture water.”

The Enviro System is now available.

• This article was supplied by McLanahan.