ABVS - Jeronimo first to break 400 BPI profit barrier

By Dairy News

HOLSTEIN NEWCOMER ABS JERONIMO-P-ET is the first bull to break through the 400 BPI$ barrier.

JERONIMO-P was first identified in the Australian Breeding Values (ABV) future stars list in December (BPI397). In the April release he recorded a BPI$ of 402.

In 2013, as ABS was investing in elite Holstein female genetics, RICHMOND-FD TANGO JULY-ET was purchased based on her genetic profile and cow family.

She descends from the COYNE-FARMS RAMOS JELLY family in New York, a cow family known for healthy, fertile cows with moderate frame size and high components.

The decision was made to flush JULY to a polled bull, which resulted in her highest ranking heifer also carrying the polled gene.

This heifer, ABS 7726 JAZLYN-P-ET, was flushed extensively in an attempt to further improve the genetics of this family, while maintaining the traits for which it is best known.

The bull that combines the best characteristics of this breeding program is ABS JERONIMO-P.

The high components, fertility and great health traits that the family transmits have been intensified in this sire. The fact that he is also heterozygous polled and carries the A2 gene further adds to the excitement around his genetic profile, according to ABS

“The genomic plan ABS Australia invested heavily in has continued to deliver exciting options for Australian dairy farmers, “ said ABS National Sales Manager, Paul Quinlan.

“Breeding more profitable cows is our primary focus for Australian dairying and testing sires on the Australian ABV system is important to us.

“We see too many variations in overseas sires for us to work just with their country of origin data. We want them to genetically perform in Australia.”

Through its comprehensive global breeding program, ABS has proved there is a gene-environment correction on all sires.

“It doesn’t mean sires that don’t convert high aren’t suitable, but it’s a very reliable guide on their transmittable profitability for the breeders and farmers in Australia.”

Mr Quinlan said ABS has the top three proven Holstein sires in DE-SU 11 228 TOPSY (353 BPI), DE-SU 11 236 BALISTO (344 BPI) and SEAGULL-BAY MVP (322 BPI).

ABS’s top proven sires and genomic sires, including Jeronimo-P, are all A2/A2.

Mr Quinlan said SUNSET CANYON DAZZLER and CAIRNBRAE JACES ELTON lead the Australian proven Jersey team.

“Dazzler excels in lowering cell count and, as the #1 bull in Australia, he transmits excellent daughter and semen fertility.

“Elton has added more daughters to his already impressive number, now recording more than 5,500 daughters herd testing.”